Why You Should Find a Local Freight Forwarder in China?

Why You Should Find a Local Freight Forwarder in China?

  1. Cheaper.

Cheaper will be the first reason as the same as you choose products Made-in-China. The lower labor cost, lower exchange rate, lower expenses and other factors, make Chinese forwarders’ charge much cheaper, not only the shipping rates, but also other handling fees.

  1. Agility.

It’s really necessary for freight forwarders adjusting their operations quickly to better suit your needs and also offer flexibility in how to handle your shipments.

Multinational cargo forwarders are stuck with using their own overseas office to move your shipments, which sometimes is not the best option because their allied office may not have the expertise that’s just right for you. This means they do not have the ability to switch service providers or improve their level of service, if there is a problem.

  1. Personalized Service and Customer Attention.

Because you are dealing with one or two individuals in an office of an independent that will manage your entire logistics operation, independent local forwarders offer a more intimate, one-to-one relationship that can help improve your operations as they become more familiar with your operations and needs.

  1. Operational Efficiency and Flexibility.

There are a lot of paperwork and administration, logistics, timings, time differences, currency, language barriers and strict import, export and customs procedures to consider. And every country will have different regulations that have to be fully understood and met by the international freight provider to ensure safe and speedy delivery of goods.

Local agents have many more choices in selecting the best routing, carrier, price combination. They also can more easily adapt and change their operations to cater directly towards you – the importer.


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