Top 7 Good Reasons you must have a shipping agent in China

Top 7 Good Reasons you must have a shipping agent in China

You should note that the majority will claim to have excellent coverage over the major China ports so do try to learn a little about how long they have been operating those lines with special attention of course on the port/s that you intend shipping out of most frequently.

  1. Cost Control
    The alternative to not having your own shipping agent in China is allowing your supplier to provide this service which gives you no control over the process and will leave you open to inflated charges along the line most likely at the destination port.
  2. Transparency
    Working with your local partner and their Chinese operations gives you a clear view into the process. You learn quickly that there is nothing to be scared about and your understanding will help make the process smoother.
  3. Communications
    Being able to communicate quickly and clearly on matters concerning your valuable shipments is important.
  4. Relationships
    Building a healthy business relationship with your shipping agent in Australia/USA/anywhere is a very positive thing.
  5. Time Saving
    You will save a lot of time, effort, and stress by allowing professional people take care of your shipments.
  6. Customs Clearance
    Your agent can make the arrange customs clearance quickly and also pay import duties and GST/VAT on your behalf. Following that clearance process, they will arrange delivery right to your door.
  7. Supporting Local Companies
    Even though you are sourcing from China, you still have an opportunity to support the local economy by giving the logistics work to a local shipping agent employing people at home.


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