Shipping to an Amazon FBA Center from China

Shipping to an Amazon FBA Center from China

Today, many Importers ship their products directly from the factory in China to an Amazon FBA warehouse. From there, Amazon manages the storage and distribution of the products.
Amazon is operating according to strict principles, and as a seller, you have no choice but to comply with their rules. This is what you must know about shipping to an Amazon FBA center:

  1. The cargo must be labeled according to Amazon’s cargo labeling rules.
  2. The cargo shall be palletized, for quick unloading upon arrival. Each side of the pallet must be labeled.
  3. The cargo shall be forwarded to the Amazon address, according to DAP or DDP terms.

Notice that Amazon does not manage any shipping or customs clearance procedures. This is entirely up to you as a seller to take care of.

However, you can book DAP or DDP shipping from your freight forwarder

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