Amazon Warehouse Christmas Sales Rush

Amazon Warehouse Christmas Sales Rush

Sellers that want their goods ready and active in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday should have their cargo on the water by no later than September! Remember, there is always a rush to book logistics during this time, so you’re better of planning ahead and getting your goods to their destination a bit earlier. Freight rates always go up during the holiday shipping time frame, so by getting everything done early you can avoid the rush and save some money.

Let GENIUSOURCE help you with your shipping!

GENIUSOURCE provides commercial sourcing and air freight forwarding solutions to take over the world. It was founded as a logistics and sourcing company catering to hotels and property developers in Hong Kong, Europe and Mauritius. Over the past decade, it gradually expanded its clientele to include a diverse range of businesses globally.

With offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yiwu and Wuhan, Geniusource is capable of conducting rigorous quality control locally and in real time. Staffed with experienced team members, Geniusource strives to provide clients with sourcing and forwarding solutions to the highest standard.


Deadline: Sea freight- October 9     Air freight- October 9

Bundle co op air together. Reach Amazon eighth.

12 working days

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