What a Freight Forwarder Can Offer?

The services of a freight forwarder can vary between different companies but the main function of the freight forwarder is to act as an intermediary between the client who is hiring them and various transportation services that are involved in getting the product overseas to the customer. Depending on the final destination and the nature of the items shipped, there may be many transportation companies involved in the movement of the items from the supplier to the customer. The freight [...]

How to Find Local Freight Forwarders in China

Looking for a perfect Freight Forwarder in China? Check this out. Check origin and destination addresses of your shipment: most of freight forwarders will give you quotes for a region but not necessarily for a specific city. If you are not fluent in English, have someone who is look over the documents, to make sure that you are not misled by terms and conditions proposed by freight forwarders. Choose carefully your shipping mode, the 3 options being: You should carefully evaluate the forwarder’s [...]

Challenges that Shippers Face with US Customs and How to Avoid Them

Through our years of experience we have helped many customers navigate these unsettled waters and have helped them to successfully manage the customs challenges that they face or avoid them all together. We currently have a client undergoing a situation where their 1×20’ ocean container that was said to contain 1 used car as well as used clothing. The container was destined for Haiti but is now going through an intense customs examination. While being detained by US customs, the container is subject to [...]

Why You Should Find a Local Freight Forwarder in China?

Cheaper. Cheaper will be the first reason as the same as you choose products Made-in-China. The lower labor cost, lower exchange rate, lower expenses and other factors, make Chinese forwarders’ charge much cheaper, not only the shipping rates, but also other handling fees. Agility. It’s really necessary for freight forwarders adjusting their operations quickly to better suit your needs and also offer flexibility in how to handle your shipments. Multinational cargo forwarders are stuck with using their own overseas office to move your [...]

China Courier Services Worldwide

There are kinds of delivery methods when it comes to shipping from China. But any type of importer or buyer you are, courier logistics is a must for the following two kinds of specific cases. The cheapest courier selection is based on where you located are and how much weight you are going to ship. Besides, how much discount you can get is the key point? You can negotiate with a rep. from a local branch in your country and arrange the [...]

Top 7 Good Reasons you must have a shipping agent in China

You should note that the majority will claim to have excellent coverage over the major China ports so do try to learn a little about how long they have been operating those lines with special attention of course on the port/s that you intend shipping out of most frequently. Cost Control The alternative to not having your own shipping agent in China is allowing your supplier to provide this service which gives you no control over the process and will leave [...]

What is the difference between freight forwarders and customs brokers?

Custom brokers and freight forwarders play very important roles when it comes to transferring goods from one place to another. It is important to understand how these two operate so as to mitigate any delays and confusion that may arise when exporting/importing merchandise. Forwarders take care of the inter-country movement of cargo – from one country in the world to another (through sea or air) by acting as the middlemen between the shipping lines/airlines and the importer/exporter. Custom brokers act as agents [...]

Amazon Warehouse Christmas Sales Rush

Sellers that want their goods ready and active in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday should have their cargo on the water by no later than September! Remember, there is always a rush to book logistics during this time, so you’re better of planning ahead and getting your goods to their destination a bit earlier. Freight rates always go up during the holiday shipping time frame, so by getting everything done early you can avoid the rush and save some money. Let [...]

Shipping to an Amazon FBA Center from China

Today, many Importers ship their products directly from the factory in China to an Amazon FBA warehouse. From there, Amazon manages the storage and distribution of the products. Amazon is operating according to strict principles, and as a seller, you have no choice but to comply with their rules. This is what you must know about shipping to an Amazon FBA center: The cargo must be labeled according to Amazon’s cargo labeling rules. The cargo shall be palletized, for quick unloading upon [...]

Top 2 Things to Consider When Shipping from China

As an importer, there are many considerations when sourcing goods from China. When it comes to shipping, you want your cargo delivery safe, on time, with competitive freight cost. Choosing the best delivery option is completely dependent on your unique circumstance, but we hope the content below will give you some helpful ideas about what you should consider when getting your goods back home. Let us assist you on the following top 2 things about freight transportation. Shipping Method   Each come with unique benefits [...]